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Saturday, June 17, 2006

And then there were two...

Hello everyone,

I don't have my journaling with me at the moment to upload to this site, but I wanted to share a few things that have been going on lately. Kallie and I are still in Kumasi and yesterday, the rest of the members of our group traveled back to Accra (about 5 hrs away). The big news lately is that we are still waiting for the container to arrive in Kumasi. After more than two weeks delay, it finally arrived at the dock in Tema (near Accra) early yesterday morning. I have been in contac with Dr. Tuffour (who sponsored the shipment of the container) as well as the Attorny for the President of Ghana who is working to get the container cleared as quickly as possible. Since it was delayed so much, I have decided to extend my stay for an additional week or so. I feel this is necessary because of the large amount of education that needs to accompany the donation of these supplies. I would hate to think that thousands of dollars of equipment and supplies end up in a closet and are not used due to the lack of knowledge of how and when to use the items. Kallie has graciously decided to stay with me.

Our next problem has been trying to get our airline tickets changed to a later date. We originally were told it would be $150.00 US dollars, then it was $450.00, now it is $750.00 per ticket. We are told this is because we have separated from the original travel group. This is very frustrating since we are trying to finish a job that will make a wide impact on many people in various communities in Ghana. We have been in contact with the Ghanaian government to ask for assisance, but it is the airline that is charging us so much. I hate to leave but don't know what to do at this point. Since this project was self support, most of the expenses have been paid by each individual in the group. Our costs to this point have been great, making it difficult to pay so much more. My heart is still here. I think I will stay, despite the cost, but hope that I am able to find assistance somewhere. We will make a few more phone calls this afternoon to see if anything has changed.

So, as of right now, Kallie and I are far from home and our group, without a secured ticket home at a later date. I suppose this is part of the adventure. We haven't given up yet!! Hopefully we are able to find financial assistance soon so we can complete this worthy task. Words can't explain how despirately the people here need the supplies we have shipped and it is absolutely necessary for education to take place once the goods arrive in order for them to be used appropriately to benefit the people of Ghana.

Thank you for your support and prayers!!


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